Reasons to Choose Electronic Wedding Invites

So, you have set the date for your big day. You have hundreds of people to invite and all that remains now is for you to whittle the list down, create the cards, find everyone’s addresses, write out each card individually, post the invites, wait for people to get back to you, wait a little longer for people to get back to you, give up on waiting and hope for the best, and finally to confirm all the guests.

It sounds easy (ish) enough, but when you have a million and one other things to be doing, the process of sending out invites and confirming guests can suddenly be a very long and frustrating one.

Using electronic wedding invitations may, at the outset, seem like simply a cheaper way to approach the problem, but in reality there are many other benefits.

Email wedding invites are indeed a huge amount cheaper, not only saving you money on printing, but also on postage. However, they also give you a great deal more scope in customising your design, and are also going to simply save you a huge amount of time.

By sending electronic wedding invitations you also remove the worry of unreliable postal services stopping guests from receiving your invites. At the same time, those receiving invites will have a very quick and easy way to RSVP, meaning you are far more likely to have a complete guest list as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Finally, email wedding invites are also simply a more environmentally friendly way to kick start your wedding. Not only will the majority of companies selling such invites allow you to get classy and elegant invitations without you damaging the environment, but they will often also have initiatives in place to plant trees for every order and actively aid the environment instead of damaging it.

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