An Eco-friendly Wedding

For those of us who like to consider the environment and our effect on it during our everyday lives, weddings can lead us to be somewhat conflicted. After all, we don’t want to be selfish and leave a huge carbon footprint trailing behind our wedding dress, but at the same time we all want to make our wedding days as perfect as possible.

However, there are plenty of ways to be selfless when looking to create the perfect day and many of these will start long before the day itself.

First off, send save the date e cards rather than traditional physical invitations. Not only will electronic wedding invitations be far better for the environment (and if you choose the right company, your money may even go towards the planting of new tress, not the destruction of old ones), but save the date e cards are also simply more effective too.

Not only will they be very easy to customise for your own unique taste, but electronic wedding invitations will also allow guests the easy option to RSVP instantly, making their job, and yours, much easier in the process.

Try choosing a venue that doesn’t need a lot of extra decor, and preferably one where the reception and wedding can both be held in the same place. The flowers you choose should be locally sourced wherever possible, and try to make the most of energy efficient lighting options. For example, the right candles are not only going to be green, but also extremely attractive, adding to your special day rather than detracting.

If you consider having charitable donations instead of presents or knowing the best places to take unwanted presents, you may well find that there are plenty of ways to not only avoid hurting the environment, but actually use your wedding to be kind to it.

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