The Importance of Good Customer Relationships

For any small to medium sized business, the relationships you form with your clients and customers will often be the most important area to focus on. Larger businesses can get away with a more impersonal approach as they will often have far better resources and far more money to offer customers more for less and therefore if smaller businesses wish to compete they need to offer what the bigger companies often can’t or don’t.

However, many smaller businesses assume that good customer relations is simply about offering good customer service – being polite, courteous and helpful. However, more than that, it is about making the customer feel valued – whether you remember customer’s names or simply show that you are really listening to them, the more valued they feel the more likely they are to return time and time again.

Even a simple touch such as sending corporate holiday e cards can be extremely beneficial. The added advantage of sending corporate e cards over physical ones is that they are much easier to personalise meaning that you can address each one to each important customer or client without it costing you the earth or taking up most of December.

Ultimately, forging customer relationships is all about making a connection with your customers. Offering them unique deals, listening to their point of view and simply showing that you remember them and value them is worth a huge amount more than any snazzy marketing ploy. So, just by using corporate e cards and by listening, you may well be able to generate far more customer satisfaction than through any other means. So, next time Christmas rolls around, look at corporate holiday e cards rather than impersonal advertising if you want to make sure you keep your customers and get them to do the best form of marketing for you – positive word of mouth.

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