Standing Out at Christmas

Many businesses will plough a huge amount of money into marketing at Christmas just to stay in line with everyone else. The ironic thing about Christmas marketing is that no one really wins – everyone spends more money to stand out and therefore each business tends to have the same amount of exposure as they do at any other time of the year. Therefore, if everyone decided not to change their approach at Christmas, each business could save a great deal of money.

So if spending more will not actually help you stand out at Christmas, what will help businesses get seen more and get seen more favourably? Ultimately, simply being more interesting.

No matter what business you are in, if you can offer customers something they really want and, more importantly, something they want to share, you are likely to actually stand out from the crowd. Take electronic business holiday cards for example. Whilst business Christmas e cards are going to help customers or clients remember you, by making them more personal, more interesting and, ultimately, more fun, people are likely to remember you and your business.

Even if your business is aimed at adults rather than children, if your demographic is couples and parents then sending business Christmas e cards that will appeal to children may well mean that parents show them to their kids time and time again. Children will be more inclined to watch things over and over than adults but with adults there with them viewing your electronic business holiday cards each time, your business will very quickly stand out.

Simply thinking about interesting ways to ensure that your name is voluntarily seen numerous times as opposed to be shoved in a customer’s face, you are likely to stand out, and all without it costing you much at all.

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