Compensation And The Construction Industry

The construction industry more than most is guilty of not following proper protocol when it comes to health and safety. A personal injury claim can result from a company’s lax attitude to the safety of its employees, and in such an industry, that can mean a serious, life-changing injury. What many people have concerns about is the idea that initiating a personal injury claim against an employer might make their position untenable. By law, this isn’t the case. If you are fit to continue working for the same company after you have had an accident that was their fault, you should able to continue working for them should you so choose. A personal injury lawyer will be able to assure you of that fact and will also help you to understand what the company should have done to prevent your injury in the first place. There is also no stigma attached with operating in this manner, especially when it is your livelihood that is at stake. All employers are aware of the requirements placed on them by law, and not fulfilling these ultimately means that they are liable.

The construction industry provides a vital service for the country, but there are too many injuries being caused as a result of improper safety routines. Employees should be properly trained to use equipment and retrained as a matter of course. This ensures that they are always able to judge a situation based on its individual merits. Equipment should also always be properly maintained, as well as the integrity of load bearing structures like scaffolding. A health and safety officer might also inspect work areas to ensure that protocol is followed such as the use of hard hats and other types of clothing like steel toe-capped boots. Unfortunately, as the number of cases shows, these requirements are being ignored.

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