Trauma And Compensation

Making a compensation claim after suffering post traumatic stress disorder can be particularly difficult. It is no easy job for the solicitor easy, since the idea of talking about the incident is obviously still problematic for the client themselves. Reliving high stress or disturbing incidences is however vital for the claim to be launched, but it will help immensely if somebody else, a friend or family member, can relay the information to the solicitor. Of course, a diagnosis of the condition as well as doctor’s notes will be required and it may reveal the problems such an incident has caused. Traumatic flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, irritability, numbness, separation and physical reactions such as perspiring are all symptoms of this particularly stressful disorder. If you have not sought medical advice, then your first stop is your GP. They will be able to assess you properly and provide all of the relevant documentation that you might need to launch a compensation claim with.

It is important to remember that during this stressful time that many solicitors operate a no win no fee service. This means that there is zero financial risk to yourself, while you might be able to reap the financial rewards to get over your condition. Post traumatic stress disorder can be treated, so it is worth remembering that getting this treatment can be the quickest way that you can return to your normal, daily life. The types of compensation awarded for this disorder range from £4,000 to £45,000, which not only highlights the need to contact your solicitor, but also the severity of the situation. All of it is no win no fee, meaning that you keep 100% of the award. If the solicitor that you are communicating with cannot offer you this service, then it is worth finding one that will.

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