Direct mail is still effective

Marketing is key to business success. Companies need to constantly reach out to new potential customers in order to keep on growing and thriving. Marketing has undergone something of a revolution in recent times. Firstly there was email marketing and more recently people have switched their focus and attention to social media. However, this doesn’t mean that some of the old ways of doing things can’t still play a role in modern marketing efforts.

Direct mail is one of these traditional techniques and it still works. People are deluged by email which they can easily ignore or delete. Not everyone has embraced the digital age so things like Twitter and Facebook aren’t relevant. They can still be reached by a trusty old letter though.

The main drawback when organising a direct mail, especially for smaller firms, is the resource that it needs behind it. If thousands of letters need to go out then all of those envelopes have to be stuffed and posted. Not a fun job and one that can take forever.

However, there is a neat solution. Instead of getting everyone in the office to chip in and lend a hand, any organisation keen to get something out of the door could turn to mailing houses instead. These businesses provide a great service, just outsource the work to them. They’ll get everything ready and distribute it without the mailshot impacting on what everyone else is doing back at the office.

Receiving a letter is more of an event. Plus it’s possible to add a flyer or a free gift for example. Mailing houses mean any organisation can benefit from this form of direct marketing, which is still a great source of leads and new business. Perhaps it’s time think again about the effectiveness of a mailshot and what it could do for business.

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