High quality wood flooring at amazing prices

When wood floors in London need to be purchased, knowing who to ask for assistance from can be difficult especially if there are multiple companies which you have located so far. However, courtesy of our vast catalogue that has impressed all who selected them we are regarded as being the first choice of many and rightfully so.

In all, we’re able to provide a substantial number of wood flooring products with a prime example of such being our solid wood items. Supplied in a variety of styles such as an oiled finish, we can also offer solid wood items so that both a lacquered and an unfinished design is made available. Just as impressive is our range of engineered wood flooring products. They too are provided in the same styles but in a variety of widths. This includes 15mm and 21mm with the same wonderful value for money service offered for every single one of them.

It isn’t just the aforementioned which we stock because other products are also available too. Our hardwood skirting’s can be bought in a variety of styles such as Ogee, Taurus, Chamfered and Bullnose. With numerous sizes and lengths purchasable for each, any floor area can be improved by having skirting’s chosen for them. Also available is an impressive variety of architraves. They can be bought in various sizes with floors of all types able to benefit when this is selected. As only highly affordable prices are charged for our architraves, numerous rooms can have them.

Possessing superb wood floors in London is achievable when our products are selected over any others. If you have any queries or questions about our wood flooring, contact us today. We look forward to helping you make the right decision so do not delay in speaking to our highly experienced team.

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