The Importance of Privacy within Washrooms

When it comes to getting changed into or out of clothes on a daily basis, all individuals require some form of privacy in order to feel comfortable and avoid being exposed to external elements or become in view of others. This is primarily carried out in order to ensure dignity is maintained, although is essential for individuals who may feel self-conscious about an area of, or their entire body. Traditional forms of shower areas which were, and still are, installed within public buildings such as gymnasiums and swimming baths incorporate an open plan area whereby numerous showerhead facilities are fitted in close proximity to each other within any segregated areas. This means that individuals must shower near each other which not only restricts personal space, but can also be an uncomfortable experience for those who do not wish to be fully unclothed in front of others. Privacy is therefore an essential element which cubicle systems provide to incorporate all elements of cleanliness and personal hygiene.

All modern installations of washroom cubicles are constructed using heavy compact materials which is ideal for extensive use to ensure individuals who use a cubicle that their privacy and safety is maintained. Whether it is a shower, toilet or vacant installation for the purpose of getting undressed and changed, all cubicle systems are designed to provide spacious environments that do not feel cramped, whilst constructed with enough height to ensure total privacy. As individuals secure cleanliness via a shower within the comforts of their own home, they expect the same treatment and quality within public buildings, particularly after extensive and rigorous exercise which creates variable amounts of sweat and dirt.

Although many changing rooms utilise an open plan environment in which benches and lockers are installed to provide sufficient facilities in which to change and safely store possessions during and after exercise, washroom cubicles still remain essential in order to take a shower in private. Segregated shower and changing cubicles are particularly vital within public buildings such as swimming baths where young children are taken with an adult; privacy is therefore required in order to be in a cubicle away from the view of others to either use a toilet or shower facility, or change to feel comfortable and refreshed after exercise.

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