Why We Love Memorabilia

It is often easy to underestimate just how popular memorabilia is, especially items that are music related. Handwritten notes and jackets from the biggest artists can fetch million of pounds and even rare demo cassette tapes of fairly unknown bands can reach thousands of pounds on auction sites if the fan base is passionate enough.

So why exactly do we love this type of memorabilia?

Ultimately, we all like to have unique items. If we have an item that no one else has we can instantly feel that little bit closer to any artist. Anyone can have a CD of an act, but not many can have a platinum disc or a rare demo that a singer made in their garage.

The reason so many of us like to buy music memorabilia comes down to the fact that when we are passionate about a certain artist or group, we will want to get everything we possibly can to complete our collection. Whilst it may seem that people buy such expensive items as an investment or to show off, the real reason that such items can fetch such high prices is the fact that there is such demand. The passion that we have for music ensures that we want to have as many items to do with a certain band, era or genre as possible.

Not only this, but when we buy music memorabilia, it helps us define who we are. We are making a statement, showing the world what we like and that we are prepared to invest in what we love unashamedly. It also gives a great deal of pleasure in allowing people to feel unique, that there are few people with such a passion for a certain thing.

In turn, these items make us feel as special as they are – the more unique an item the more unique we feel, and that type of investment is worth far more that the price tag the item carries.

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