Master jewellers are a cut above

So the relationship is going well. OK it’s going much better than well, it’s truly wonderful and the couple are planning to commit to spending the rest of their lives together. It’s one of life’s major moments and everything has to be just right.

It’s a brave man who proposes without a diamond ring. She deserves the best, the ring that she has always dreamed about and that absolutely means diamonds. Engagement rings are set with diamonds for a very good reason. There’s no other stone that symbolises love and commitment better. Beautiful, strong and eternally enduring, just like a good relationship.

Diamond engagement rings can be just a single stunning stone or offset with smaller gems. Smaller diamonds complement the main stone perfectly, but other types of stone can create an amazing effect. Think rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

No matter what kind of ring the happy couple are thinking about, the choice of jeweller really matters. A master jewellery offers something above and beyond the ordinary. They don’t just stock the rings, they create them as well. They offer stunning designs and can even create bespoke diamond engagement rings to order. No matter what people have in mind when it comes to engagement rings DeJoria can help them pick out or create that dream ring.

DeJoria know diamonds. They deal in loose stones and create beautiful rings and other pieces of jewellery in house. Buying a ring needs to be an unhurried, fun and relaxing experience with expert help and guidance available every step of the way. Here couples can take their time and consider a huge range of beautifully crafted rings. If the perfect design isn’t available then it can be created. Artisan craftsmen can cater to each individual customer to ensure they do really end up with the ring of their dreams.

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