The perfect engagement ring made to order

Some jewellers simply stock rings. They don’t have the expertise to craft the pieces themselves. Other jewellers are a cut above. These master jewellers create their own rings from beautiful designs and it’s this expertise that elevates them above a more regular mainstream outlet.

When it comes to engagement rings there isn’t a lot of margin for compromise. This is something that has to be just right. Jewellers work tirelessly to create beautiful diamond engagement rings, but sometimes, for whatever reason, a customer just can’t seem to find the ring that they have always wanted.

For an artisan jeweller this doesn’t present a problem. They can use their in house expertise to create bespoke diamond engagement rings tailor made to order. That unique vision can be brought to life exactly how the bride to be imagined it, right down to every last detail.

Now this might sound like a service that would be beyond the reach of the average customer, and while it does cost a little extra, bespoke engagement rings are certainly not the stuff of financial fantasy. And if takes a little extra to ensure the ring is just right, then it’s money well spent. Just imagine the look on her face when she receives the perfect ring, just how she always imagined it.

Finding a service like this involves picking out an expert jeweller. One who has the gems and the skills to make it possible. Dejoria specialise in making dreams come true, but at a price people can afford. They work with their customers to create beautiful and timeless pieces of jewellery to order. The kind of ring that can be worn and treasured for always. There’s no need to settle for what’s on the shelf. Customers can realise their vision and commission craftsmen to fashion the ring they’ve always wanted.

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