Make sure sports first aid is available pitch side

No matter which sport it is that people love to play, it can get pretty intense out there on the pitch. When two players go in hard for the ball, whether it’s football, rugby, hockey or netball, then there’s always the risk of injury. It’s just part and parcel of sporting life and players shrug their shoulders, accept it and just get on with things. No one stays injury free for a whole season.

Clubs have a duty to look after the players who represent them. It’s only fair. It’s the players who put their bodies on the line week in and week out. The kind of care available pitch side can have a big impact in many different ways. Sports first aid matters both for minor and more serious injuries. If a player picks up a minor knock, bump or bruise then the application of a sports bandage can help them manage that injury. The extra support and warmth helps them to finish out a game they would otherwise have had to limp out of.

Of course not all injuries are minor. No matter what the sport there’s always the risk of serious injury lurking in the background. One of the most important things to do in the event of a serious problem is to contain the swelling. After major trauma blood rushes to the area which causes that part of the body to swell. Swift application of a sports ice pack makes a massive difference. By elevating the limb and keeping the area cold then the problem can be better managed. If physios don’t have access to the supplies they need then they can’t do their job properly. All Sports Medical help clubs keep their first aid cupboards stocked up by offering great deals on various medical products.

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