Keep the first aid cupboard fully stocked

It’s not just professional sportsmen and women who need looking after out there on the pitch. Clubs at every level have to make sure they take good care of their players. After all it’s these guys and girls who put their bodies on the line week in week out on behalf of the team and the club.

Sports carries certain risks and not just contact sports either. From time to time when playing pretty much any kind of game someone takes a tumble or two players collide. It’s just a fact of sporting life. Clubs have to prepare for any eventuality. It pays to have first aid and physios available ready to treat injured players. They can treat minor injuries and contain major ones before paramedics arrive.

Good sports first aid is all about effective intervention. Any kind of bump or collision means swelling. It’s important that physios apply a sports ice pack to the affected area immediately. The ice stops the blood rushing to this part of the body and helps keep swelling to a minimum.

No one would advocate carrying on playing through serious injury, but sport throws up plenty of minor knocks. By applying a good quality sports bandage to the area that is causing a problem, then players can see out the game. It could be the difference between winning and losing.

It’s important for clubs of all different sports and sizes to keep their first aid supplies fully stocked ready to deal with any injury situations. All Sports Medical can help. They offer a great range of medical products developed especially for sport and all at competitive prices. Many clubs are amateur concerns and have limited budgets and spending power. All Sport Medical help them to stretch their funds that bit further without having to cut back on essential supplies.

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