Keep players healthy with great value medical supplies

For any kind of sports team the health and welfare of the players matters. These guys put their bodies on the line week in week out at every kind of level. Just because a sportsman or woman isn’t a professional doesn’t make them any less committed. Clubs need to look after these enthusiastic amateurs and keep the first aid cupboard well stocked just in case they take a knock out there on the field.

There’s an element of risk with any kind of sport, not just contact sports like rugby. Games like netball, hockey and football all have their fair share of spills and bumps, which is why it is so important to have physios on hand equipped with the right supplies to make effective interventions and ease and contain any injuries that players sustain.

For any kind of collision and contact the first concern is to manage the swelling. An instant ice pack can make all the difference here. By applying ice to the affected area it stops the blood rushing and hence the swelling. It can make a huge difference. By controlling the swelling the athlete can recover much more quickly from the effects of the knock.

The last thing a player wants to do is to have to come off the park after sustaining a minor injury. If the injury isn’t too bad a physio can apply a sports bandage to the area of concern giving additional support and allowing the player to carry on and finish the game.

Providing medical care and support like this makes a massive difference. Sports teams and clubs can get great value medical supplies from All Sports Medical. They stock everything a team needs to keep its players fit, happy and functioning on the field. Every club needs a supplier like All Sports Medical.

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