Jewellery for Every Season

Choosing jewellery should, in theory, be easy. However, it is extremely easy to buy something shiny, new and expensive, only to find out that it really isn’t suitable for many occasions or during many seasons at all.

For example, should you buy pendants or bangles that are tight to the skin, you are unlikely to feel comfortable wearing such items during the summer months as you will very quickly find that the skin beneath gets incredibly hot and sweaty very quickly. Likewise, come winter, if you want to wrap up warm, long flowing items might seem somewhat annoying as they get caught up in the extra layers of clothing.

So which items of jewellery will be right for all occasions and all seasons?

Ultimately, choosing costume jewellery may actually be your best bet. Whilst you are fairly safe with rings, you may well find that more seemingly kitsch items can actually be effective in many more situations, and all through the year. Take wooden bangles, for instance – they are loose enough not to make the skin too hot in the summer, but not likely to be tangled up in multiple layers either.

Likewise, whilst a diamond ring is going to be perfect for a very elegant soiree, they may look strange when you are just heading down to the gym. On the other hand, there are plenty of costume jewellery rings that can look good both with an elegant dress and with simple loungewear.

The other benefit of this approach is cost. These fashion items are likely to be a great deal cheaper meaning that not only are they likely to be more suitable for more occasions but that you also will simply be able to buy more specific items as well should you want a particular item for a particular event.

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