Visiting Dublin

Heading away to Dublin is a great deal easier than many people assume. For anyone who lives in Wales or on the west of the country, a trip to Holyhead or Liverpool to get a Dublin ferry is likely to be fairly quick and easy and with regular and very cheap ferry crossings every single day, you can find yourself in the Fair City in no time at all.

Having your car in Dublin can be extremely beneficial as, whilst the city itself has a great public transport system, there are so many places of extreme beauty or interest nearby that a car can be an extremely appealing asset. Even Belfast is a mere three hour drive away, allowing you to see the best of the North and the South in no time at all.

Once you have got off the Holyhead ferry in Dublin or Dun Laoghaire, there will be a wealth of things to do and see. However, the city itself, whilst very beautiful and packed with things any self respecting visitor should see, is not always the biggest draw.

For instance, just a few miles outside the city in an area called Seapoint, you are able to go to one of the regular jam nights. However, this is not your usual mish mash of guitars and harmonicas but a cornucopia of everything from full sized harps to violins and cellos all packed into a ‘bar’ that feels as relaxed and as comfortable as your own front room.

Ultimately, when visiting Dublin, it will be easy to find a tourist map of the most popular things to do. However, if you can, take your car, and research what things there are to do just outside the city. You may be surprised at just how different your experience could be.

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