Purchasing gas detection equipment doesn’t have to be strenuous

Providing your workforce with gas detection and monitoring equipment is very important. By offering reassurance that their safety is being upheld is vital. It will also allow for a business to know that the operation which their employees are currently involved in will be as efficient as possible because no interruptions to their productivity will actually happen. When choosing to have gas detection equipment installed results in any dangerous levels of gas being discovered instantaneously.

A Sentro Universal Gas Detector is able to offer coverage for a range of toxic and flammable gases. With historic data stored so that it can be viewed whenever this is required, if unusual levels of gas are detected the Sentro Universal Gas Detector has an optional in-built audio visual alarm. Thanks to this, anybody in close vicinity to the Sentro Universal Gas Detector will be made aware about the current situation. The Sentro Universal Gas Detector can also be connected to a PC as well. Courtesy of this, off-site monitoring is provided. As already mentioned, there are a substantial number of gases which it is able to monitor. This includes sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, hydrogen, methane and chlorine. This particular gas monitoring equipment can be used in environments which are of differing temperatures ranging from -20ºC to 40ºC. It is also dust and waterproof to IP65. Thanks to these attributes, this gas monitoring equipment is ideal for any operations in mining and industrial applications. It can be relied on no matter what is expected. As only highly affordable prices are charged, purchasing numerous Sentro Universal Gas Detectors will never exceed a company’s budget at any point.

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