Improving Warehouse Efficiency

There are many easy ways to increase the efficiency of any warehouse. From simply understanding which racking systems are best to implementing a traffic system for any forklifts you may need, by having a focussed approach to how your warehouse is organised you can save time, save space and in turn make a great deal more money.

The first thing to do is to focus on your shelving systems. Do they store items in a functional way? Is it easy to carry out stock checks, retrieve goods and find items? Do they take up more space that they need to? Not only are some racking units ineffectual in terms of how you can use them, but many will also be fairly inflexible in terms of size, meaning that should you need to store smaller items, you may simply find that a certain amount of space goes to waste. Be sure that the units you choose are as functional as possible and make the most of the space you have.

It is also worth getting rid of obsolete stock on a regular basis. Stock that is taking up room will not only be a waste of space, but it will also be far better to get some money for these items than to leave them simply wasting space. Stock that will move, but slowly, should be stored in areas that see less traffic to ensure they don’t get in the way of other products that will be needed regularly.

Try using smaller forklifts. There are many trucks that are thinner than others, meaning you will be able to make aisles thinner and as a result add in extra shelving systems and store more items. If you make your aisles a one-way system you can make it even easier to keep traffic flowing freely and ensure that aisles can be kept to the minimum width possible.

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