A practical solution for cycle storage

Cycling is a great way to commute to work each day. The rush hour traffic is at breaking point as it is. Each worker who makes the switch to pedal power is doing everyone a favour. Plus it’s great exercise too. It’s about time people took a more responsible attitude and ditched their cars for alternative forms of transport.

Companies can do a lot more to make cycling more appealing and practical for their staff. Having a shower set up at work is a great start, but managers need to think about bike storage too. Adding some cycle racks is a nice touch so staff have somewhere practical and safe to store their bike while they are at the office.

Or how about going one step further and building cycle shelters? It doesn’t take much cash or effort to set something up in a corner of the car park. These little touches really help to encourage people to make the switch. If everyone drove to work in the morning there would be total gridlock. Bikes are a neat solution to this problem. Folding bikes can even fit on trains for staff who come in from further afield on the train.

Finding the right kind of racking for bikes doesn’t have to be difficult. Action Storage stock a range of solutions that companies can take advantage of. They have everything any company could need to put some racks and shelters together. As part of a coordinated eco friendly approach the results can be staggering. Just imagine half the office coming in on their bikes. No more squabbling about parking spaces, no more lateness caused by traffic delays. Everyone benefits. Perhaps it’s time to get in touch with Action Storage to sort out a solution. The car isn’t the only way to get in to work each day.

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