What are the attractions of Nile river cruises

There are many popular overseas destinations, but how many of them that you have considered for your holiday break this year can offer all of the mysterious monuments that come with over four millennia of history? This is certainly something that you could say of Egypt. Nor is it the only benefit of booking a stay in the country, with others including a pleasing range of beaches and the cross-fertilisation of cultures that is a natural consequence of Egypt’s position on the border of both Africa and the Middle East.

Oh, and the weather’s good, too… which brings us neatly onto the subject of Nile river cruises. In-between your visits to the likes of the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza, you may like to discover this river that has long been Egypt’s main artery. Indeed, the river has been a key channel down the ages for water, trade and irrigation, with Nile cruises making it possible for you to go on a journey that so many others have gone on before you. Such a cruise presents you with the chance to both relax and sightsee, as Egypt’s countryside, ancient monuments and traditional villages all gradually reveal themselves along the river bank.

Indeed, it is by booking a cruise holiday from any of the many firms that specialise in Nile river cruises that you can bring yourself within closer proximity of some of the country’s most frequently visited resorts. These include the jaw-dropping city of Luxor. Often serving as the end point of a cruise down the Nile, this city is like an open-air antiquities museum, with its rich assortment of statues, palaces and other structures. Other popular stop-off points on Nile cruises include the peaceful El Gouna and Hurghada resorts, which combine facilities such as beaches with a good standard of holiday accommodation.

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