What should you look for in wireless fire alarm systems

There’s little doubt of the great technological progress that wireless fire alarm systems have made down the years. Indeed, today, one can reasonably expect a wireless alarm to be no less reliable than its wired counterpart, which is not something that could be easily said this time twenty years ago. But with so many such alarms now on the market, what qualities should you look for to ensure that you invest in the right one for your own firm’s commercial or industrial setting?

Indeed, although, as aforementioned, the reliability of wireless fire alarm systems has greatly improved down the years, it is still an important consideration when you are buying one now, simply because disreputable online stores and manufacturers still exist out there. Wireless alarms, in particular, attracted a bad reputation in their formative years as a result of perceived unreliability, with much concern centring on the strength of the signal sent by the sensor to the control panel, which plays the role of triggering the alarm. In some cases, though, it wouldn’t. Another oft-reported problem was a lack of battery longevity.

Other priorities that you will have of wireless fire alarms will likely include ensuring that yours has an attractive, low profile, making for a more discreet presence. You’re also likely to appreciate an alarm that has a long operational life and high sensitivity, in addition to operating in a stable fashion. Those things are most likely to be the case in an alarm that incorporates only the most technologically advanced components. That’s why it pays to look for an online store that has a strong industry reputation and that prides itself on the most frequently updated product range.

As a matter of fact, not only are wireless fire alarms very easy to install, but there is a range of features that they frequently incorporate, including sounders, beacons, call points, control panels and repeater panels.

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