Improve Your Running

Whether you are running for speed, fitness or distance, increasing what you can achieve will be beneficial all round. Altering your approach to running will not only help you get more out of each session, but it may also help you to keep your body safe too.

However, improving how far you can go or how fast you can run doesn’t just mean that you need to get out and hit the tarmac again and again; instead, it can simply be about how changing how you run.

Shortening your stride and landing on your toes or the middle of your feet instead of the heel can do two important things. Firstly, it can help you to stay in contact with the ground for a shorter time and in turn increase your ability to move faster and, secondly, it can also ensure that the impact of landing doesn’t damage your body.

Wearing Vibram shoes may help those who are used to landing on their heels. The Vibram FiveFingers trainers allow you to run far more naturally, making it far easier to land on your toes instead of your heels. Once you have mastered this, all it will take is to increase your stride rate to see you running a great deal faster.

The right outdoor clothing will help immensely too. By wearing more appropriate running gear, you are likely to be able to move more freely and yet stay as warm or as cool as you need, to ensure that the run doesn’t drain you more than it needs to.

Finally, try other exercises. Running works very specific muscles and, by adding in other exercises, you may find that you can increase fitness even when the muscles you use for running are completely fatigued. And, no matter what exercise you are doing, always stay hydrated.

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