Exercising Safely

Safe exercise involves more than just making sure you can be seen at night. Whilst visibility is very important, there are other hazards that need to be considered other than those posed by external threats such as cars.

Firstly, be sure that you are in the right physical shape to be exercising. Whether you are running, cycling or lifting weights, be sure that you don’t try too much too soon and that you allow your body ample recovery time after illnesses, operations and the like.

Hydration and energy are both extremely important. No matter what sport you are taking part in, if you are not hydrated and your body doesn’t have the right amount of glucose, you can easily find that you feel extremely faint or extremely tired very quickly. Even those in good health can find they are damaging their bodies or even simply passing out due to lack of energy or hydration.

Next, be sure that you are exercising in the correct way. Even an exercise as simple as running can be very damaging to your body if you do not land correctly. By landing on your heel you could be damaging joints and even hurting internal organs. For those who run in such a way, Vibram trainers could be very useful. Vibram toe shoes separate each individual toe to make running a great deal more natural and ensure that you are landing in the most appropriate way when you run.

The same goes for any other sport. Ensure that you seek professional advice, no matter how long you have been doing a certain activity for, to ensure you have not got into bad habits.

Finally, the right clothing and waterproof jackets are important. If you are not warm enough, too hot or too wet, you are likely to be doing your body harm. Make sure that the clothes you wear when you exercise are designed specifically for the exercise you are carrying out.

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