Helping you to see the Northern Lights

When you wish to see a marvel of nature, finding a way which will enable your view to be crystal clear is very important. Otherwise referred to as the Aurora Borealis, this magnificent sight has been known to reduce many to cry tears of joy. When wanting to see the Northern Lights, we can help.

Our Northern Lights holidays are extremely popular. Held in our ski lodge in Abisko in Sweden, this area benefits from clear blue skies. Thanks to this, seeing the Aurora Borealis is highly likely. The Northern Lights happen when energetically charged particles from the sun collide with high altitude atmosphere. This is what causes the many beautiful and remarkable colours. No display is the same as each other because various colours might be present on one night but different during the next.

Although the sun’s activities cannot be guaranteed, we promise that during our Northern Light’s holidays you will be treated to a certain degree of luxury which will further provide amazing memories. During the day, we organise numerous activities that offers all of those who choose Northern Lights holidays with the opportunity to have fun. Or, if you want to sit back and relax, our ski lodge provides you with the perfect chance to do this in warmth and comfort. Even if you do not want to witness the Aurora Borealis in our ski lodge, you can see this beautiful event from our chairlift and this will enable you to see it even closer.

During our Northern Light’s holidays, you will spend four nights in Abisko and a full night in a hot tub. With flights from Heathrow via Stockholm, you’ll have a wonderful experience which will be remembered for a very long time. Also, the prices for our Northern Lights holidays are never expensive whatsoever.

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