Helping Your Customers Spend More

It may seem strange, but sometimes customers actually want to spend more with you than they end up doing. And often, they don’t realise it either.

From effective retail interior design to help customers find exactly what they need or discover things they didn’t know they wanted through to simply having the right point of sale display to help promote impulse buying, there are many things that will help your customers spend more.

Everything from the placement of specific lines to how well the layout of your store aids navigation can change exactly how much people spend in your store. Special offers and unique deals are a great way of attracting people in to your store, but it will ultimately be the retail interior design that designates whether or not they find many items to buy or just walk away empty handed.

Impulse buying on the other hand is a little more complicated. A point of sale display may seem as though it will promote impulse buying very easily, but if it will easily become untidy or obscured, it may actually be a detriment to your store instead of a benefit. Therefore, seeking a designer’s input here may also be very important too.

Helping your customers navigate their way around your store and find items quickly and easily will ultimately help you too – the more they can find and the better it is displayed, the more appealing items will be and in turn the more each and every customer will spend.

It is easy to assume that once a potential customer has entered your store that they will either buy something or they won’t. However, everything from the colours of the store and how tidy it is through to how helpful staff are and even what music is playing could either help them actually want to spend their money or conversely just drive them away.

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