A highly efficient sheet cutting service

When wanting to hire the services of a company that specialises in sheet cutting which is able to deliver exquisite accuracy, you’ve come to the right place. Our sheet cutting assistance is admired for its ability to provide accuracy within 0.1mm and the fact that numerous materials can be cut.

Sheeting cutting can be provided for a considerable number of materials. This includes plywood, MDF, OSB (orientated strand board) and chipboard. The sheets themselves can be of varying sizes too. With a maximum of 6m wide and 4m long able to be cut, we can also assist if plasterboard and plastic panels need to be cut. We provide a high level of MDF cutting as well as other types of cutting courtesy of our CNC Routing Machines. Able to provide precise cutting techniques within the aforementioned accuracy, this results in hardly any material being wasted. These CNC Routers are able to accept boards of up to 3050mm x 1220mm. Here, a wide range of cutting techniques can be performed which include drilling, grooving, shaping, profiling and chamfering.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how we are handed projects because we can assist even if hand sketches are given to us. Also, we have been sent .dxf files and .dwg files by email. Assistance has been supplied not just to large businesses but small companies too. With only highly affordable prices charged at all times, it isn’t surprising that our assistance with sheet cutting continues to be the first choice of many. When this is combined with our proven track record of supplying expert results, you won’t find a better sheet cutting company anywhere else.

In order to acquire additional information about our MDF cutting or any other service which we provide, contact us as soon as possible. Or, why not visit our website?

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