Choosing an Estate Agent

Choosing the right estate agents is going to be extremely important, no matter whether you have a London property you wish to let or sell, or whether you yourself are looking for a house to buy or rent.

Ultimately, choosing the right company can make the process far cheaper for you, far less stressful and ensure that you either find the perfect property as soon as possible or have the best chance of getting the right tenants or the right buyer. But how do you choose which one will be best, and will there really be that much difference between one and the next?

Many people choose estate agents based on how many For Sale or To Let signs they have seen. However, whilst this can help you identify successful, dynamic companies in some instances, in others it will simply be a sign that they over-value property.

Instead of looking at the boards up in your area, ask others in your area who they chose to go with. Word of mouth is likely to be more reliable than simply seeing who is the most prolific at listing properties.

When looking for London property to rent or buy yourself, it is worth making sure that the estate agent you choose has a thorough knowledge of the area. Whilst major chains may well have more resources, if they have very little knowledge of the area you are looking to buy or rent a home in, they are likely to mislead you, even if not intentionally. Therefore, always be sure to do a bit of digging to find out whether they have the right knowledge and the right reputation before you choose to rent properties through any company.

Finally, be sure they have the right online profile. Whether selling or buying, if the company you choose has no real online presence, you either won’t be found or your chances of a smooth and cost-effective process will be dramatically reduced.

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