360 degree feedback provides valuable insight

People matter. They are the most important resource that any company has. If people are happy in their work, well rewarded, cared for and engaged then they are more productive. Organisations need careful and skilled management practices to get the best out of people. Just a few simple changes in the way people are managed can have a big impact on company performance.

Praise and autonomy are two big employee motivators – sadly too few managers understand this. When people are micro managed or stressed out by poor management techniques, then problems can start – and these problems can build into issues of epic proportions.

Every company has a system for employee appraisal, but what about systems specifically designed for managers? Enlightened organisations operate 360 degree feedback programmes. It’s important to know what workers think of their bosses and managers. These surveys can be incredibly revealing. They help organisations on two different levels; firstly, they can quickly identify any issues that may be apparent to others, but not to the manager undertaking their own employee survey. This allows managers to address areas they may not have realised need attention. Secondly, they will also highlight areas where managers are actually doing better than they may think they were – providing a confidence boost, and underlining what good behaviour and performance is – helping them to extend good practice into other areas of their work.

Staff surveys provide revealing and constructive insights. No wonder then that so many large and progressive organisations build them into their leadership and management development programmes. Not every company has the resource or expertise to implement a programme like this – that’s where external consultants come in. They can help companies bridge the gap and develop and run these projects, to get a better handle on how staff feel about their managers, and how well managers feel they are performing in their role. It’s exactly the kind of insight an organisation needs to ensure teams are engaged, and to help their managers develop as effective leaders.

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