Staff surveys can improve morale and productivity

Good leadership and employee satisfaction matter, and the two are interlinked. Surveys can be a flawed exercise if staff don’t get to air their views on the way they are managed and how they view various aspects of their working life, such as pay, conditions and prospects.

Staff surveys can provide real nuggets of business wisdom. They reveal telling insights that can be used to make valuable changes to the way things are run. When staff aren’t happy and don’t have a voice, problems can take root. And once they are embedded within the organisation, they only get worse – if morale is low, then productivity will suffer.

Managers don’t just become effective leaders overnight. They need continual training, support and feedback in order to do their job effectively. An employee survey can help them to monitor how their teams feel across a range of issues – helping them stay aware of where any problems may need addressing. Using survey demographic questions linked to HR data, employee engagement consultants can provide data all the way down to team level – allowing managers to receive personalised reports from the survey, for local discussion and action planning.

Putting effective staff surveys in place might require a little external help and support. It takes effective design, planning and analysis in order to make them work – as well as the reassurance to staff that a consultant’s independence brings. Consultants can therefore provide the missing piece of the jigsaw in your organisation’s staff survey project.

An employee survey is an exercise with enormous payback– so it’s no wonder more and more organisations are starting to switch on to this kind of approach to help refine their management approach and develop their leaders. An initial meeting with an external agency providing these kinds of consultancy services can help pave the way for an interesting and revealing exercise with real value. It could lead to big boosts in engagement and productivity.

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