Have you been mis sold PPI?

Currently, reclaiming PPI is 89% successful and rising and also the most financial product on the market to be complained about due to lenders mis selling the insurance, so why not see if you have a chance of claiming money back what is owed to you.


PPI is a form of payment protection insurance in the slim chance of you being unable to keep up repayments on store cards, credit cards, loans and mortgages through suddenly becoming unemployed or due to an illness or accident but the reason for the high number of complaints is that customers did not even know they had PPI or feel that they were mis sold the PPI in other forms such as they felt that payment protection was compulsory, felt pressured by the lender, the insurance wasn’t explained to them clearly amongst other reasons. All these are example of mis sold PPI. If you have had a loan or credit agreement in the last six to ten years you could be paying up to 30% of the original loan amount in payment protection insurance and now is your time to reclaim PPI on your credit agreements and in many cases the interest you have paid also.


Before starting your claim procedure to reclaim your PPI, Pull out your credit statements as proof you actually have been mis sold Insurance. Its usually stated somewhere on the statement under payment protection, loan protection but if your still unsure, give your original lender a call who will know whether you have protection on the policy and get them to send you a copy. You can try and make a claim yourself by sending letters to the lenders but some don’t give in easily so why not let a company such as canaryclaims.co.uk who will do all the liaising for you, keeping you up to date with the procedures and stages you are at in reclaiming what is owed to you from mis sold PPI. You could have thousands of pounds repaid within a number of months!


Don’t wait now is the time to reclaim your payments plus interest, contact Canary Claims and join thousands of happy customers who got money back from mis sold PPI payments.