How a Virtual Office Could Work for You

If you run a business or a thinking of setting one up then you should consider opting for a virtual office. This type of system combines the advantages of computer and Internet resources to bring you a powerful, compact and affordable way to run your business day-to-day.


You will need some basic equipment to set up your virtual office. This will include:

Modern Computer – invest in a new computer that can work efficiently with the programs you want to use for your business. For a small business you can buy PC’s in a box ready to go that offer fast processors (Intel Core i3 or equivalent), up to 4GB of RAM and up to 1tb of storage capacity for as little as £600.

Broadband Connection – invest in a good broadband package that can offer you around 99.99% guaranteed uptime. This will open up your virtual office to the benefits of the web including email, online faxing, data research, online sales, web marketing and more.

Printer – you will need a good printer to help you with invoicing, orders, filing and so on. Only invest in a colour printer if you really need one as these can be more expensive to buy and maintain.

Scanner – many businesses can benefit from a scanner. This will enable you to quickly and easily add documents to your computer so that you can store them or send them to others.

Digital Cameras – these are very useful for businesses. You may want to take pictures of jobs when you are out of the office to help you with writing accurate quotes. You may also want to sell items online and need images for your online catalogues. Digital cameras will enable you to add and manage photographs quickly and easily with your virtual office.

Mobile Working

One of the key advantages of a virtual office is the ability to work on the move. You will be able to use a laptop or web-enabled smartphone to access your important virtual office programs so that you can keep working wherever you are.

With a virtual office you will be able to check your emails, work on documents and access files from almost anywhere.

You will also be able to keep in contact with your colleagues and customers even when you are away from the office using features such as email and call forwarding.

A virtual office can bring many advantages to businesses of all shapes and sizes. By investing in these powerful systems you can increase accessibility and productivity for your business.