More effective call centre management

Business support and customer service revolves around the phone. If people need help with an IT issue, want to check up on a delivery or make a complaint about something then they ring up a call centre to get advice or vent their frustrations.

Call centres can vary from small offices with a handful of staff to giant operations with thousands of staff all working under the same roof processing calls on a massive scale. A bad customer experience can soon impact on a any business. Disgruntled customers are much more likely to share their negative experiences than people who have positive ones. A bad reputation can start quickly and be difficult to shake off, so companies need to know that they customer service agents are doing their job effectively when handling calls.

Call recording software is the simple way to do this. Training and appraisal should be ongoing. There’s no point in training staff up, letting them loose on the phones and never bothering to check up on how well they are doing. Call centre software like this allows companies to check to make sure staff are putting their training into action and dealing with customers properly. If they are making mistakes these can be identified and addressed.

Employing the use of call recording software is a smart and simple move. Any organisation can get a better handle on what is going on out there in the customer service and support teams. It’s a simple and straightforward investment that has the potential for huge pay back.

Call recording software doesn’t even involve any kind of complicated set up and management. Hosted systems mean a simple subscription service with nothing to set up and maintain. No wonder more and more organisations are signing up and improving their customer satisfaction scores as a result.

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