How to select your estate agent when letting a home

If deciding to let your home for the first time, you will also need to decide whether to use an estate agent to manage the property or manage it for yourself. If selecting the former option, all you need worry about is finding estate agents able to market the property well and carry out adequate referencing procedures.

It is also worth considering whether to use more than one lettings agent. Unlike when selling a home, there is seldom any difference in the fees charged if using more than one. The ideal number of agents to go with is two or three, offering maximum exposure without overdoing things.

Researching agents online is the best way to decide who to use, particularly through browsing their website and seeing if they already market properties similar to yours. Better still, try to find local estate agents with properties in your immediate area, as pooling things this way is a good way to attract suitable tenants.

Understanding what each agent is like to work with is important too, which is how the estate agents reviews we have at MeetMyAgent can really help. Offering up opinions of landlords and how they rate the service they received, they provide a valuable insight.

Having whittled down suitable agents to a shortlist, each should be invited to visit your property, which you can do easily with us through our easy contact service. The rental value is important to learn here, though how this figure has been reached should be explained well.

The rental values may differ from agent to agent so, as you decide which agents to go with, it is important that all market at the same price. Having agreed the figures, it is essential that you get a copy of the Terms and Conditions from each and agree how the viewings should work.

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