A private medical clinic where patients’ needs come first

If you need to see a doctor quickly in Manchester but an NHS is not appropriate for whatever reason, a private clinic may be the best option.

Pall Mall Medical are a private clinic which can help patients with whatever medical issue is troubling them. For example, patients can have same-day sexual health screening, and Pall Mall Medical have a proven track record of seeing patients with sexual health concerns and providing all the support that is necessary. Testing can be undertaken for conditions including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, and more.

Furthermore, patients can have access to a wide range of other testing, including 1 minute HIV screening. Other tests may take up to four days. It can be incredibly worrying and stressful should you be concerned you have contracted HIV, but the professional nature of Pall Mall Medical’s GPs and procedure will ensure you are made to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. The results service is tailored to individual patient needs, so patients can either opt to contact the practice for results or can ask the clinic to contact them.

The clinic pride themselves on giving assistance to patients whenever it is needed, regardless of the issue. Pall Mall Medical can assist with a huge range of problems, and all are dealt with by full qualified and trained GPs who will do their utmost to deal with patients’ issues as efficiently and professionally as possible.

If you have a medical concern, then chances are you will want to get it seen to as quickly as you can. However, frustrating NHS waiting times can mean a lengthy delay before you get to see a doctor. At Pall Mall Medical, you can see a GP with little or no wait at all, and can often have a same day appointment. For those used to long waiting times and impersonal service, you’ll be amazed by Pall Mall Medical’s quality of service and care.

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