Need to see a doctor in Manchester?

For those who need quick access to a doctor in Manchester, there aren’t many options. An NHS doctor may not be accessible or appropriate at a given time, and so you are left to explore other options. However, there is a viable option, and that’s Pall Mall Medical.

Pall Mall Medical are a private clinic with a proven track record for helping patients, no matter what their issues may be. They offer guaranteed medical support with little or no waiting time, so patients can be seen and their problems can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Pall Mall Medical offer three different appointment types – express, standard and extended. Patients can choose which appointment will best suit their requirements.

Express appointments are 15 minutes long, and are perfect for one issue or episode. You can pop in when out shopping or are on your lunch break from work, which is something you simply couldn’t do with an NHS appointment.

A standard appointment lasts for 30 minutes, and is for more detailed concerns, previous health issues and medication, more complex treatment choices, and a chance to explore your family’s medical history. Pall Mall Medical’s standard appointments are three times longer than a standard NHS GP appointment, so you can spend more time discussing your issues with the GP.

The extended appointments last one hour and can be used to explore any number of issues and treatment choices. Patients can also discuss life-long health concerns, cover all the options for a particular condition, or just talk with a professional and personable GP without any time constraints.

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