Powerful Contractor Management Software

Contractor management software can be deployed in many different ways. One of the best ways is to set up all of your requirements, create a contractor pre-qualification course which can then be used to adequately assess the actual abilities of the contractor against what they say they can do. This is a fantastic way of making sure that they are up to the standards that you set, whether it be in general conduct or in health and safety. Many companies that provide health and safety e-learning software also allow the contractors to register, and upload compliance documentation including insurance. All of this are great ways to make sure that they are fully qualified and have exactly the right training that takes away a lot of the risk associated with using a contractor. This is particularly true in the construction industry where a large number of accidents occur, which can then lead to litigation proceedings.

The software should ultimately allow you to adapt it to your needs rather than vice versa. Contractor management software must be something that you can use, regardless of your industry, which means a broad set of tools that can be implemented at very short notice and in many different scenarios. You must bear in mind that not every company has access to a large boardroom with a projector – it may all be done through laptops. This adaptability should also carry through to documentary compliance as well as the ability to create reports and search personal profiles and the results of any tests taken. Being able to manage your data like this can be an incredibly powerful asset because it puts you in the know about your employees strengths and weaknesses. This in itself is a great reason to invest in health and safety e-learning.

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