Supplement malaria tablets with common sense preventative measures

The old adage forewarns that prevention is preferable to cure, and has never been more pertinent than in the case of taking anti malaria measures when preparing to visit the tropics or subtropics. The common enemy facing everybody going to many tropical countries is the mosquito. These predatory insects spread not only malaria itself, but also dengue, Japanese B encephalitis and yellow fever. It is therefore obligatory that medical advice about anti malaria medication is sought prior to tropical visits, and sought in good time, as some courses of anti malaria tablets need to commence some weeks before journeys are undertaken.

Furthermore, most of the widely prescribed and well respected anti malaria tablets on the market need to be taken during the visit itself and for a period after the visit, besides before the visit. Malaria is a deeply unpleasant, serious and even fatal disease. It is, therefore, absolutely fundamental that travellers are methodical about taking their anti malaria tablets in order to protect their health and wellbeing. There are also further measures, in addition to the all important anti malaria medication, that can be taken to prevent the mosquito bites that are so potentially dangerous.

Whilst mosquitoes bite indiscriminately, they are most prone to do so during the evenings, so it is advisable that the arms and legs are kept covered at night times, even if tropical climes make it tempting to wear skimpier outfits. Sensible clothing, however, is still not enough. Mosquitoes bite through thin layers of fabric, so insect repellents should be used at all times, on both covered and exposed skin.

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