Heed online pharmacy warnings about anti malaria tablets

Those about to embark on forthcoming trips to tropical and subtropical destinations are well advised to ensure their dreams are prevented from becoming nightmares by seeking timely medical advice about anti malaria medication. However, they should be mindful not to leave it to the last minute, as many popularly prescribed courses of anti malaria tablets need to commence well before journeys are made. In the case of first time Lariam users, for example, the initial 250mg dose needs to be taken three weeks before trips commence, followed by a second dose a fortnight before, and a third dose one week before.

The primary reason for this is so the anti malaria medication is allowed adequate time ahead of exposure to be absorbed in to the body. However, when patients seek advice from a UK registered doctor at an online pharmacy, they will be warned that side effects might occur as a result of their anti malaria drugs. Therefore, trial periods before patients go abroad usually provide a suitable time frame during which any potential side effects can be diagnosed. In the cases of patients who do suffer side effects, their doctors can not only diagnose symptoms, but also safely switch patients to alternative anti malaria tablets.

Lariam users should make prompt contact with their online pharmacy doctor if they show any signs of suffering side effects during the initial three weeks. Patients might get stomach upsets, diarrhoea, feelings of nausea and abdominal pains. Dizziness, headaches and sleep disturbances, like insomnia or unusually vivid dreams may be experienced. Pruritis and other types of skin rashes can occur with some patients.

At Nationwide Pharmacies, we are registered by the General Pharmaceutical Council of GB to dispense prescriptions of Lariam anti malaria tablets provided to patients following online doctor consultations. We furthermore recommend that patients contact us as soon as possible if they experience side effects, so that alternative anti malaria medication can be prescribed.

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