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Preparing for upcoming holidays and trips to the tropics and the subtropics is often a hectic period for many travellers. As a result, more and more people turn to the internet for online pharmacy solutions that enable them to undergo an online consultation with a UK registered doctor who can prescribe anti malaria tablets. Furthermore, not only can patients obtain their prescriptions online, but they can also purchase their prescribed anti malaria tablets online, to be delivered to the address of their choosing quickly and conveniently.

Many patients are offered the opportunity to buy Doxycycline by doctors employed by premium online pharmacy services. Doxycycline is a non enzyme inducing antibiotic that needs to be taken in 100mg dosages on a daily basis, before, during and after stays in exposed destinations. Like many other types of widely used anti malaria medication, a trial period is recommended for first time Doxycycline users. This allows for the diagnosis, ahead of travel, of any side effects experienced by patients, providing the opportunity for better suited alternative medication to be prescribed with timeliness.

Whereas other anti malaria tablets, such as Lariam, dictate that usage for first timers begins three weeks ahead of departure, those who buy Doxycycline need only commence their trial periods a week before their trips. Patients that have previously used Doxycycline safely need only commence their courses two days before leaving. Heartburn is a typical side effect. Doxycycline can also cause increased sensitivity to sunlight. It is consequently important that appropriate sun protection factors are used at all times in order to prevent severe sunburn, as patients might expect dramatically increased exposure to intense sunlight during visits to tropical and subtropical climes.

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