Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many different types of business. However, when it comes to laying floor tiles, it is surprisingly easy to do it yourself and it may well save time, hassle and money by simply buying the tiles you need for your space and laying them all yourself.

You may find you have to crawl around on the floor for a little while, so be sure you have your elbows and knees protected before you start. However, the actual vinyl floor tiles can be laid extremely quickly and therefore the process should be over before you know it.

The first step should be to put down a plywood underlayment and levelling compound. Once this is dry, sand the seams and trim areas such as door jambs to ensure your tiles will fit seamlessly under. Once this is done you should mark out your room into quadrants to ensure accuracy when it comes to laying the vinyl flooring.

Tile from the centre, taking a quarter of the room at a time, cutting any tiles to size to fit in against the wall and making the relevant holes in tiles to leave any open gaps that may be needed. Once the tiles are laid, roll them with a rolling pin to ensure they are all level and firmly attached. Finally, you will need to add new moulding between the tiles and the baseboard so the tiles fit seamlessly.

The benefits of vinyl floor tiles are numerous – they are cost-effective, attractive and very resilient, whilst also being very versatile in terms of the looks you can create through their use. With such an easy way for your tiles to be laid, it also means that even a novice should be able to get their workspace looking great in no time.

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