SEO and PPC – Attract more traffic and earn more

SEO is the process to increase the traffic to your website. This process helps the company to market their products and services to the targeted audience and in turn increase their profits and sales. This tool makes the company visible to all people across the globe. There are many benefits of SEO marketing. The major advantage available is that the service providers select the right keyword and hence the keyword reaches the targeted traffic. This increases the number of visitors to the website. The ranking of the site is increased to a large extent. Due to the increase in the page ranking of the sites the products and services of the company are known worldwide. The SEO service is the most affordable service for those who are starting their business for the first time. This gives very high return on investment for the companies who have just started their business.


PPC essentially means pay per click. This tool is an advertising method wherein the company has to pay when the user clicks on the advertisement of the company. The price to be paid for per click can be decided by the company. In most of the cases the PPC advertisements are targeted to advertise their products and attract larger traffic to the websites. The pay per click methods works better than other methods of advertising since the users get paid when they click on the advertisement. The most popular websites for PPC are Yahoo, Google Ad Words and Microsoft Ad center. These particular 3 websites have their own search engines and hence they rate in the top 3 list in the internet world. The users are not interested in those sites which do not have search engines because the amount paid is not much and also the traffic generated in these websites are very low.



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