Attractive double glazed sash windows

The attraction of period properties is that they have charm and character. A new build might be functional and practical, but it can never rival an older style property for charisma.

However, taking on an older property can be high maintenance. Modern homes are designed with modern needs in mind. Period properties are out of step with their modern counterparts and may need some work and alteration to bring them up to scratch. But how can home owners do this without spoiling the traditional look and feel of the property?

Wooden sash windows are a big attraction of older houses. However, they can be draughty. With energy prices sky rocketing no one wants to be paying over the odds for their gas this winter because they live in a draughty house. So what can be done with those wooden sash windows? Are they just a folly? A triumph of style over substance?

Not at all, because there is a perfect compromise. Double glazed sash windows offer home owners the best of both worlds. Old style charm with modern levels of warmth and comfort. They are stylish and practical.

So which company should a customer choose to install their double glazed sash windows? Kellys Sash Windows know all about quality craftsmanship and just what their customers expect. They appreciate that their customers want modern and effective double glazing that doesn’t spoil the way their home looks. They work tirelessly and carefully to ensure that any new sash windows look seamless and blend perfectly with the style of the property.

This winter there’s no need to put up with draughty windows. Kellys have the perfect solution for traditional home owners tired of high heating bills. The team are always on hand ready to answer any customer queries and provide them with a free no obligation quote for work required.

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