Modern windows with traditional character

Period homes are desirable for a number of compelling reasons. The old maxim that they don’t make them like they used to certainly rings true. New builds are modern and functional, but that’s about it. They lack the charm and character of older houses.

Anyone lucky enough to own one of these magnificent properties appreciates that they’ve taken on a lot of upkeep. These houses look amazing, but they also require plenty of on going maintenance.

One of the main attractions of an older home is usually the wooden sash windows. They are a major contributory factor to the character of the property and people are loathe to replace them with anything else. However, when compared with modern windows they aren’t as effective or practical. Those old wooden sash windows can let a lot of cold air in and aren’t so great at insulating the house from noise outside.

So what to do when they need repairing or replacing? Compromise on the style of the property or go for something more modern and practical? Well thanks to double glazed sash windows home owners can have the best of both worlds. These windows look fantastic, but they do a much better job of insulation than their traditional counterparts.

To get a great deal on double glazed sash windows people should be talking to the team at Kellys. Their experienced glaziers do a fine job of fitting new windows that complement older style houses, but bring the benefits of modern glazing. It’s the perfect solution for people who want style and practicality.

There’s no reason to put up with tatty old windows that are letting too much cold and noise get in for a day longer. Just pick up the phone and give Kellys a call. They’ll install new windows that blend seamlessly with the traditional look and feel of the property.

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