Overlooking physical wellbeing can cause erectile dysfunction

When doctors undertake online patient consultations concerning erectile dysfunction, there are many factors they take in to account before suggesting that their male patients might buy Cialis, Levitra or Viagra from an online pharmacy. It is fact that transient bouts of erectile dysfunction are experienced by a staggering half of 40 – 70 year old men. Most cases are easily treated, with increased awareness of the likes of Viagra, and opportunities for men to buy Viagra online with minimal embarrassment and inconvenience.

However, as awkward and even painful as many men might find it to comfortably discuss their issues, doctors are keen to establish causes and offer common sense advise, rather than simply dish out the go ahead for men to buy an erectile dysfunction treatment online. Whilst Viagra and its lesser known but equally as effective equivalents provide medical solutions, there may be underlying factors causing repetitive or prolonged periods of erectile dysfunction. If addressed, the condition may be permanently eradicated, along with the further need for prescription drugs.

It has long since been a commonly acknowledged belief that erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological stress in men, either resulting directly from concerns about their sexual performance, or from external stresses and strains that adversely effect their sexual performance. Yet more recently, medical research has revealed that whilst a quarter of cases of transient erectile dysfunction are indeed caused by anxiety, depression and stress, three quarters of chronic cases are related to physical wellbeing.

At Nationwide Pharmacies, our UK registered doctors take in to account both the physical and psychological health of patients interested in obtaining an erectile dysfunction treatment. In cases of alcohol abuse, drug use, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and smoking, they can also discuss with patients how these conditions contribute to erectile dysfunction and other health problems.

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