The smarter way to deliver health and safety induction training

When any employee starts work at a new company there’s an important check list of key tasks and training to work through. One of the most important aspects of induction is to get to grips with safety issues in this new environment. No matter whether someone is starting a job in an office, a warehouse or a building site there are potential hazards to be aware of. Each environment has it’s own safety risks no matter how benign it can seem. The office for example might seem perfectly safe, but what if someone doesn’t set their desk up correctly and develops a bad back? Or falls off a chair reaching for some files on a high shelf.

The reactionary media might mock safety rules and regulations but they are there for a very good reason. Even with these laws there are still far too many accidents and even fatalities at work. Health and safety induction matters. It gives new employees a good grounding in safety matters in their new workplace and helps get things off on the right foot. It’s important to establish a good safety culture from day one.

Unfortunately health and safety induction is just one aspect of a introductory process that a new employee has to work through. They are pressed for time and have so much information to get through and absorb. This is why health and safety e-learning is the obvious way to deliver induction training to time poor employees with so many competing tasks and priorities on arrival at a new place of work.

Health and safety e-learning allows them to work through vital company safety information in their own time at their own pace. Instead of death by Powerpoint they can work through engaging and interactive training materials that gives employers a record of completion too.

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