Deliver safety training company wide

Compliance with safety regulations is important for any kind of business in the UK. The financial penalties for failure to observe the law can be severe. And that’s before any claims for compensation from injured employees enter the equation. But good safety is not just about compliance. Employers have a responsibility and a duty of care to ensure their staff work in safe and comfortable conditions.

Health and safety regulations are varied and wide ranging. They cover every single aspect of work and each different environment that people find themselves working in. One of the cornerstones of good health and safety is making sure people receive adequate training in the equipment that they have to use and the specific hazards of the environment they work in.

Delivering compliance training becomes problematic the bigger and more widely dispersed a company is. Reaching thousands of workers across multiple sites with training is challenging. No wonder then that more and more organisations are turning to online health and safety training to work around this issue.

With health and safety e-learning employees can access compliance training courses without ever having to leave their desks. Sometimes these courses are installed on the company Intranet, but more commonly they are hosted on external third party servers. This means companies can deliver online health and safety training without having to install and maintain any kind of additional system.

Thanks to health and safety e-learning there’s no reason to have any gaps in compliance relating to training. Delivery is fast, easy and efficient, with the added bonus of online records of course completion and pass rates. Handy to demonstrate to any external auditing body keen to see what is being done to maintain good standards of safety. E-learning is the smart way to go and helps organisations deliver training to everyone.

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