DSE is a natural fit for online health and safety training

Not every aspect of health and safety training lends itself well to delivery online, but there are certain courses where the fit is absolutely perfect. When it comes to e-learning courses need to be short and sharp. If any organisation wants to deliver basic training that will fit into a course under forty minutes length maximum then this could well be the way to go.

Perhaps the single most popular topic delivered using this channel is DSE training. And there are several very good reasons why this is so. It is often the first foray any organisation makes into the world of online health and safety training because of this natural fit.

Firstly it’s a compliance headache. Large organisations might have thousands of users who require access to some form of DSE training. Rounding them up for time consuming and expensive classroom sessions just isn’t feasible or practical. Secondly what better place for someone to undertake a course in workstation safety and setting up their desk correctly than at their own desk? As they work through their health and safety e-learning course on DSE they can correct any problems at their desk as they go.

Online health and safety training is helping organisations to comply with legislation without compromising the quality of training that they deliver and saving huge amounts of time and money in the process. Without classroom sessions to organise that cost can be eliminated, plus there’s no disruption or loss of productivity. Time poor employees don’t want to be interrupted by needless disruption to their working day.

Health and safety e-learning also has another significant advantage over more conventional training. It generates computer records automatically that help companies prove employees have received the training they require under law. No wonder delivering DSE training online is becoming the norm.

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