Is it time to switch to online health and safety training?

When management starts to look seriously at safety they start to realise just how much they need to do to comply with legislation and keep their employees safe. Rules and regulations govern every aspect of working and rightly so. Each worker has a right to carry out their role in a safe and comfortable working environment where their employer takes every conceivable step to protect them from potential risks.

One of the most challenging aspects of safety compliance is delivering all of the training outlined by law. There are so many different areas to cover – DSE, manual handling, stress, safe driving, food hygiene, fire, electrical safety. The list just goes on and on. It can seem like an impossible undertaking, especially for large companies with staff dispersed across many different sites.

No wonder then than health and safety e-learning is proving something of a life saver for companies scratching their heads at the sheer scale of the challenge facing them. This kind of training is about delivering simple, factual information that can be digested in short courses, making it ideal for delivery via this channel. Online health and safety training is a perfect fit and allows organisations to get the necessary information out to their workforce quickly and efficiently.

Health and safety e-learning also contains another important element besides the training. The courses have a tracking or management system so organisations have online records of course completion and test scores. This allows them to demonstrate staff have been trained and that they have understood the materials they have worked through. This is essential for compliance purposes.

Online health and safety training is helping all kinds of organisations from every industry sector to comply with legislation and create a safer and healthier working environment. Is it time to switch to this delivery method?

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