Tips for finding a motoring lawyer

It can be a stressful and frightening time when you have been charged with serious driving offences. The effect on your life can be devastating and the need to choose a professional and successful motoring lawyer is crucial. Many people who have been charged with these types of traffic offences are attending court for the first time and have no idea what they should look for in motoring solicitors. Here are some tips and getting one with the right drink driving experience:

1. Check they are a legitimate solicitor. There are sites out there which offer advice from non solicitors and will then refer you to a motoring lawyer. To establish whether you are dealing with a bona fide solicitor check the Solicitor Regulation Authority number which must be displayed on the site.
2. What is their specialism? Many general law firms will set up part of their website stating they specialise in motoring offences however this is just one area they deal with. Check the whole site to establish whether they are experts in this area or Jack of all trades.
3. Look for solicitors that provide upfront fixed rates. The hourly rate system is
4. Is there ‘free advice’ genuinely free? There are those solicitors that offer this service but there are fees to be paid or a client must register. What is the limit on the free advice? You should expect an unlimited first interview as every case differs and the ticking clock can be off putting.
5. What is their availability? Can you speak to them at a time when it suits you? Are they open outside normal working hours or at weekends for example?
6. Are they setting your expectations realistically and are they able to forecast the likely outcome? A good solicitor should be upfront about your case if there are no plausible defences.

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